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Magazine Articles (click to view PDFs)

BIKER Magazine
October 2008

Thunder Press
May 2008

Vintage Guitar Magazine
September 2008

December 2008

Quotes from Press
  • "An absolute must-see!"
    -Michael Stein, Editor-in-Chief Easyriders Europe

  • “A totally cool award-winning biker documentary DVD by one of our very favorite musicians, Big Mike Griffin”
    -Biker Magazine

  • “A compelling film, and very much a visit to a part of the world that few of us ever see.”
    -Vintage Guitar Magazine

  • “One of the best biker flicks I’ve seen in years.”
    -Bill Hayes, Thunder Press

  • "Well worth the watch and the music kicks ass. You'll be glad you got this one!"
    -White Line Magazine

  • “I watched this documentary twice last night. I couldn’t believe it the first time, so I had to watch it again.”
    -Road Captain U.S.A.

  • “Iron City Blues is part documentary, part soundtrack and unmistakably 100% biker entertainment.”
    -Helmet Hair Magazine

  • "This film is a classic! Truly great stuff!"

  • “Iron City Blues will keep you well entertained. You'll find the additional soundtrack CD to be worth the price of the DVD itself.”
    -Biker News Online

  • “What can you say about an edgy rock’n documentary about bikers on a road trip to a lawless redneck town where neighbors open fire on each other? Buy it and watch it, that’s what I say!”
    -Road Captain U.S.A.

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